Red Line Oil

Manufacturer of motors recommend today exclusively full-synthetic oils to meet their service requirements. Oils, which will operate for many mil and often under harsh conditions.

Red Line Oil develops and manufactures a very wide range of oils for everything from the common everyday driving to really extreme racing.

Common to all of our oils is that they are Polyol ester-based. A syntethic-oil base retrieved from the plant kingdom. This base oil is the most advanced available with properties stable viscosity, high environmental compatibility, extreme adhesion to metal and high temperature stability.

Features that make your engine gets the best possible protection and sustainability while creating conditions for the engine to provide the highest possible performance with the best possible environmental impact.


Red Line’s fully synthetic oils are unique in several respects. For example, they are polyol ester-based, the most common lubricant used in Formula 1 engines. Red Line’s fully synthetic oils lubricate all engine parts very efficiently, even under the new long service intervals (15,000 to 30,000 km).

Regular service with the Red Line motor oil saves fuel, reduces noise from the valves and reduces wear on camshafts and other engine components.

Red Line Motor Oil


Red Line synthetic ATF oils are developed for better shifting during cold weather conditions but also for use at high temperatures without creating coatings on the valves and slats which can result in transmission failure.

In comparison with mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic ATF oils, the Red Line oils have better thermal stability combined with lower volatility and lower viscosity. The balanced friction characteristics for smooth and consistent shift characteristics during extended service intervals.


Red Line develops and produces oil for separately lubricated gearboxes and final drives where hypoid- or GL-5 grades are recommended. Common to these is that they provide a very high level of protection for all transmissions, during all modes of operation.

Red Line oils high quality reduces the temperature of the gears as a result of reduced friction. This leads to improved service life and lower fuel consumption. See separate recommendation guide for precise oil selection.

These products contain the extreme pressure additives necessary for ultimate protection road cars and racing vehicles, as well as friction modifiers for proper limited-slip operation.


ShockProof® Gear Oil for use in conventional and racing applications where high or very high loads occur.

ShockProof® contains a very unique solution that forms an extremely strong and “resilient” oil film on the gears. The oil thus prevents the occurrence of breakdown while lower viscosities may be used.

The extreme ability to protect the transmission is combined with very good characteristics for good shift quality. This applies to conventional transmissions, so called dogbox-boxes, separately lubricated gearboxes in motorcycles and gearboxes in marine applications as well as in chain drive snowmobiles.

Red Line Gear & Transmission Oil