WinmaX Brake Pad Compounds

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Friction Material Characteristics

W1-W2 Sport – low noise and brake dust with the optimal stopping power for sport driving
W3-W4 Circuit – compound designed for circuit racing specifically targeted for braking control
W5-W7 Race/rally – made for full race conditions where high heat tolerance and precise brake controls are necessary.
WEI Endurance – formulated for stable performance throughout extended endurance races

WinmaX W1

Effective compound for high-performance use with minimal noise and brake dust.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.29µ – 0.32µ
Temperature: Normal Temp ~ 842°F / 450°C
Material: Non Steel

WinmaX W2

improved initial response for sport driving with longer pad and rotor life.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.32µ – 0.35µ
Temperature: Normal Temp ~ 932°F / 500°C
Material: Non Steel

WinmaX W3

Blended for sport driving or circuit racing, the W3 is the most versatile brake pad available.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.34µ – 0.37µ
Temperature: Normal Temp ~ 1112°F / 600°C
Material: Low Steel

WinmaX W4

Specifically designed for circuit W4 racing that require superior braking control.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.37µ – 0.40µ
Temperature: 122°F ~ 1202°F / 50°C ~ 650°C
Material: Low Steel

WinmaX W5

Compound for large circuit racing targeted for increased brake control and effectiveness.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.40µ – 0.43µ
Temperature: 212°F ~ 1382°F / 100°C ~ 750°C
Material: High Steel

WinmaX W6

High friction and temperature tolerant pads balanced for efficiency and Mu.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.45µ – 0.48µ
Temperature: 92°F ~ 1472°F / 30°C ~ 800°C
Material: High Steel

WinmaX W6.5

Based of the W7 compound, both of which combine a high blend of exotic metals to formulate the ideal compound, the W6.5 offers the highest initial bite of all the W Series of pads, with the most consistent co-efficient throughout its heat range. Ideally suited for small to medium full competition and rally cars where more bite is needed at slightly lower temps

Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.47µ – 0.50µ
Temperature: 122°F ~ 1472°F / 50°C ~ 800°C
Material: High Steel

WinmaX W7

Full race brake pads for pro circuit and rally racing with maximum stopping force.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.48µ – 0.53µ
Temperature: 212°F ~ 1562°F / 100°C ~ 850°C
Material: High Steel

WinmaX WEI

Friction material that never ceases its character in long races for up 3 hours of continuous and repetitive use.
Average Friction Co-Efficient (µ): 0.38µ – 0.42µ
Temperature: 572°F ~ 1292°F / 300°C ~ 700°C
Material: High Steel

Source: WinmaX Europe