Corvette C6 Z06 Splitter w. Flaps & Undertray w. Brake Cooling Ducts

TIKT Performance

This kit truly makes wonder on the cooling temperatures when driving hard or on track!

Disclaimer: TIKT has changed shape of Splitter since pictures above was taken. Current shape is illustrated with images below. Also, upper “small” canards are NOT included in kit/prices below.

Recommended Combinations (Approx price, depending SEK/EUR exchange):
Splitter Only, without holes for Undertray (SEK 11.995:-)
Splitter w. Flaps (SEK 15.495:-)
Splitter w. Undertray & Flaps (SEK 32.995:-)
Splitter w. Flaps & Undertray w. Brake Cooling Ducts (SEK 38.495:-)
Splitter w. Flaps & Undertray w. Brake Cooling Ducts & Oil Cooler Ducts (SEK 61.495:-)*

Prices above does not include shipping.

We supply all needed mounting hardware/bolts and hoses to the Brake Cooling Ducts, as TIKT does not. Minor modification to the front and inside wheel arches has to be made when mounting the undertray. Heavy modification to Front bumper and frame has to be made when mounting Oil Cooler ducts.

*Heat exchangers, hoses, fittings etc. for the Oil Cooler duct IS NOT INCLUDED and are sold separately.

Weight is only 5.5 kg (12.2 lbs) for complete package (Splitter, Flaps, Undertray and Brake Cooling Ducts) and delivery time is approx. 6-7 weeks.

The car will be very light in the rear during hard breaking and cornering with only the Splitter/Undertray mounted.
Best balance will be achieved with the PRC Corvette Track Wing in combination with the splitter package by TIKT Performance.

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