Discontinued: PRC Corvette C6 Track Wing w. Chassi Mounts


The wing is manufactured by a race-proven company in England and is made of carbon fiber and comes with a 10/15mm gurney.

Standard wing (C6 GS/Z06/ZR1) is 183 × 29,5 cm (72 × 11.6″) and has 60 cm between mounts.
Weight: 4.25 kg (9.44 lbs) with endplates.
(This wing can be made to order in any length/width)


Lower mounts (frame) in 10 mm 6082 Aluminium and upper mounts (wing) in 5 mm 6082 Aluminium.
Current version (v3) of the lower mounts has 8 attachment points to the frame (not 6 as image show).
Weight: 2.8 kg (6.22 lbs) including all bolts and rivnuts.


Total weight (wing & mounts) is 7,05 kg (15.66 lbs), incl. bolts and rivnuts.

This kit is a semi-DYI kit (Do It Yourself) made to cope with the regulations for Swedish TimeAttackNU-Series (Season 2015-2022) in the “Pro Street”-Class.

This kit is sold uncoated/unpainted for SEK 25.995:- (approx. depending on current exchange) incl. VAT, excl. shipment and any additional custom charges after Brexit. It comes with all needed bolts and rivnuts (stainless) for mounting. Quick-release bolts, for easy access to trunk and wing settings are included in Wing-kit for a total of SEK 26.895 or sold separately.

Best balance will be achieved with the TIKT Splitter in combination to the PRC Corvette Track Wing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or for more information.

We can also supply TIKT’s C6 Wing, but it is untested by us on track.
More information about TIKT’s wing can be found here.

This product is for race-use only and is not intended for regular roads.
If you plan to drive on regular-, or really bumpy roads, it’s a good thing to remove the wing first, as driving on regular roads might put unnecessary strain on the wing-blade.

This kit comes unpainted and non-clear coated. For longevity I recommend clear coating or painting as water/limestone-residue may make the carbon in the wing look bad or fragile over time. Please read special instructions before waiting this wing.

Trunk cannot be opened while wing is mounted, unless you have the quick-release bolts installed.
To open trunk wing & upper mounts have to be tilted back, as in this pic: